Tony Barone
Tony Barone Kyoto Painting
“KYOTO”, 2021 #10
O/C, 51”X48”, trapezoid

Karen and I frequently reference our love for all things Japanese: Karen in the creation of her fashion and performance art videos, and me in paintings and sculpture. I am sure our passion is fortified by our frequent visits to the distant magical East Asian island country across the Pacific.

Our BARONE shop on West Broadway in the center of SOHO in New York City was our showcase introduction to the fashion capitals of the world and Japan was one of them. Japanese women loved our BARONE Cosmetics and the “explosive colors blew them away”. Our fabulous Japanese licensee operated 10 BARONE locations in cities throughout this storybook land of tradition and ceremony. The Japanese are more sybaritic than the sybarites ever were.

Kyoto was a favorite city… In Japan it’s said “Osaka spends its money on food while Kyoto spends its money on fashion”… so it’s understandable that Karen and Kyoto magnetically drew together through their mutual passion for fashion, both traditional and modern. 
This painting shows “the girl of my dreams” in Her personally created attire containing dramatic Japanese kimono influenced sleeves called furisode  … 
A furisode ( 振袖 ), literally, “swinging sleeves” is a style of kimono distinguishable by its long sleeves) … Tony Barone 

Tokyo Daze Tony Barone
“TOKYO DAZE”, 2021 #9
O/C, 51”X48”, trapezoid

“My painting “TOKYO DAZE” was inspired by Karen Barone’s early art videos created out of our Venice California canal-side studio during the waining “fin de siècle” years of the 20th century. Karen’s passionate experimental fervor had taken over the back room on the lower level of our massive 3 story studio/residence. She had jerry-rigged several electronic devices: video cameras, modern & vintage TV monitors, early photo & video transfer equipment, sound & recording units … all were stacked up and cross wired … I feared at any time the whole set up could E X P L O D E ! !” … Karen is a video performance art pioneer who in her early work would use static and glitches as creative stylistic elements in her work … In “TOKYO DAZE” I borrowed Karen’s “static and glitch” technique to deliver the abstraction I needed for this painting.” … Tony Barone

Lisboa Tony Barone
“LISBOA”, 2021 #8
O/C, 51”X48”, trapezoid

“LISBOA” is Portuguese for Lisbon and the title of my most recently completed painting. The painting expresses Karen’s absorption of the cross cultural experience of our Portuguese-Moroccan adventure.

We had arrived at the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon by rail from Madrid. It was a time traveler experience. Portugal had not kept pace with the rest of Europe in the post World War II Marshall Plan to rebuild a devastated Europe. Developmentally it was time locked in the Fin de Siècle 1890’s – everything in Portugal was old and worn … and therein lies it’s charm.

Our sun drenched days were spent exploring the crumbling, ancient, and abandoned castles which peppered the shores of the country’s endless rocky coastline; stopping in small earthy fishing villages for cafe patio meals created from recently picked ingredients & proudly delivered to our table.

Nighttime hours were spent strolling the Old Town and popping into ambience dripping old world restaurants for a late-night meal… followed by a wine flowing festive night life taken in while bar crawling the endless number of tavernas.

Alexandra Tony Barone
“ALEXANDRIA”, 2021 #7
O/C, 51”X48”, trapezoid

Egypt was still on high-alert from the Yom Kippur War with Israel when we arrived in Cairo… Egypt is a classic exotic destination best absorbed through emersion… So… after several days in Cairo and riding camels to the Great Pyramids of Giza, we hired the car and driver required to travel north to the Mediterranean and the militarily strategic costal city of Alexandria.

“ALEXANDRIA”, the title of this just completed oil painting, refers to the Egyptian metropolis founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC… Alexandria is also where Cleopatra was born, died, and is entombed… So much of Karen’s visual persona can be connected to the eternal exotic influences of ancient Egypt and Cleopatra, its 1st century BC queen… More than once journalists attempting to describe Karen stated she had “Cleopatra eyes”… This is not the 1st time I painted Cleopatra… “FAME, HONOR and the LOVE of a WOMAN”… the large irregular shaped watercolor on multiple pieces of Arches paper was executed while we journeyed from Amsterdam to Cologne. At that time I painted the lifeless reclining Queen of the Nile after she (Cleopatra) took her life using a poisonous asp…

In this just completed oil painting, Karen enters a state of ecstasy as two red snakes caress her slender body. The spirit and spell of Cleopatra endured all the while we were in Egypt and still today…. Tony Barone

Barone Painting KENYA
“KENYA”, 2021 #6
O/C, 51”X48”, trapezoid

Unless one is Tarzan, one must tour Kenya using well organized guides who move efficiently from game parks laden with zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, and gazelle … to… luxury British empire hotels with late afternoon gin & tonic cocktails on the veranda musing over Mount Kilimanjaro shimmering in a warm burnished ochre of heat rising from the East African terrain…. Include overnight stays at William Holden’s Mount Kenya Safari Club and the world famous Tree Tops, which accommodates it’s limited number of guest in a 3 level wood crafted structure built in the limbs of trees adjacent to a watering hole for elephants, waterbucks, warthogs, and African buffaloes. …and known for one of its most famous visitors – Queen Elizabeth. The night Princess Elizabeth spent at Treetops is also the day she rose to the throne as Queen. Her father King George VI had passed away during her Commonwealth tour in Kenya…. From there off to villages to mingle with toweringly tall, spear touting, lion hunting, Maasai warriors draped in explosive colored fabrics and covered in beaded leather jewelry stacked high around their necks, wrists and ankles… Karen returned with tons of design concept & color palette ideas … I returned with Karen whose soul had absorbed Kenya …. we both absorbed a hunger for more adventure.
….Tony Barone

Barone Painting PARIS
“PARIS” 2021 #5
O/C, 51”X48” Trapezoid

One of the most memorable lines in film comes from the 1942 classic Casablanca, when ex-pat Rick (Humphrey Bogart) tells his former lover Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) “We’ll always have Paris” referring to their brief romance the eve of World War II—a courtship ended with the Nazi invasion of France.

Karen and I visited France frequently and each trip was romantic & indelible. This painting titled “PARIS” recalls a particular adventure to “The City of Light”, La Ville Lumière, when Karen & I had a private meeting with Christian Lacroix, “Paris-fashion-bad-boy”, in his Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré atelier. The president of Dior in New York had just licensed “Lacroix” in the category of cosmetics & fragrance. Our friend Mary Hamilton, then head of Armani, S.F. and the worldwide fashionista of fashionistas, introduced us to the head of Dior. The purpose of the rendezvous with Lacroix was to have us create/design/sculpt the bottles and packaging for the forthcoming Christian Lacroix fragrance line – “Lacroix-sweetie-Lacroix” ….Tony Barone

Barone Painting GOA
“GOA” 2021 #4
O/C, 51”X48” Trapezoid
“Of all the countries which contributed to Karen and my artistic DNA, India was one of the most indelible. India is an immersive crash course in color… And … like every country Karen & I adventured to, Karen absorbed all of it, almost by osmosis & it became a part of her. The former Portuguese Colony of Goa, and the title of this painting, is no exception. Located on the Arabian Sea coast of southern India, Goa was an explosion of color on a background of pristine white sand beaches, blue skies and tropical green vegetation.” …Tony Barone
Tony Barone painting "RIO"
“ACAPULCO” 2021 #3
O/C, 51”X48” Trapezoid
One of the trilogy based on 1989 pencil drawing
Tony Barone painting "RIO"
“LIDO” 2021 #2
O/C, 51”X48” Trapezoid
One of the trilogy based on 1989 pencil drawing
Tony Barone painting "RIO"
“QUITO” 2021 #1
O/C, 51”X48” Trapezoid
One of the trilogy based on 1989 pencil drawing



Tony Barone
Tony Barone painting "RIO"
2020#15, O/C, 51″ x 48″ Trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "RIO"
2020#14, O/C, 51″ x 48″ Trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "RIO"
2020#13, O/C, 51″ x 48″ Trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "RIO"
2020#12, O/C, 51″ x 48″ Trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "RIO"
2020#11, O/C, 50″ x 46″ Trapezoid
Karen & Tony Barone | Jamaica Painting
2020#10, O/C 50″ x 46″ Trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "Abidjan"
2020#9, O/C, 54” x 48” trapezoid
2020#8, O/C, 55″ x 50 trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "Malaysia"
2020#7, O/C, 54” X 54” trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "Senegal"
2020#6, O/C, 55” x 54” trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "Osaka"
2020#5, O/C, 48” X 48” trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "Annapurna"
2020#4, O/C, 53” X 49” trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "Kathmandu"
2020#3, O/C, 54” X 49” trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "Baule"
2020#2, O/C. 53″ x 48″ Trapezoid
Tony Barone painting "Luxor"
2020#1, O/C, 53″ x 54″ Trapezoid